All families at St Mary Magdalen's School have the opportunity to be involved in the life of the community through involvement in various capacities including:

Parents and Teachers

Parents have the opportunity to meet with teachers each term at St Mary Magdalen's School to discuss your child's learning. 
During first term, you are invited to share with your child's new teacher in a conversation style meeting so we can get to know your family.
Following meetings in term 2, 3 and 4 are three way dialogue/conversation where your child is able to share their learning with you and the teacher shares feedback on your child's progress. You are invited to ask questions and provide feedback during these meetings.
Should you wish to make a time to talk with your child's teacher at other times, we welcome you to organise an appropriate time by making an appointment.

Community Volunteers

Parents and carers are welcome to volunteer throughout the year for events, to assist on special days or to assist teachers with various activities. 
Classroom helpers are welcome also and will be provided with designated tasks to carry out while assisting the teacher and students. Keep your eye out for a notice in our newsletter calling for volunteers at the beginning of the year.
All volunteers need to have a Working With Children Card and present it to the office for recording.
To apply for a WWC, go to 

Parents and Friends

Parents and Friends group is an opportunity to assist the school with fundraising, providing fun activities and events for students and their families as well as building positive school culture of an inclusive, welcoming and warm community.

Contact our office on 9807 0315 for further information about how you can be involved and join the Parents and Friends.

School Advisory Council

School Advisory Councils (SACs) are advisory bodies that are an important expression of the educational partnership that exists between parents, schools, parishes and the wider community to support all students.  

While the provision of a school environment that supports the Catholic ethos is largely the responsibility of the principal, parish priest and the school staff, School Advisory Councils play a significant role in supporting the spiritual and educational welfare of students.

The School Advisory Council at St Mary Magdalen's School is an opportunity for parents to advise the school on various areas related to the improvement of the school. The council is made up of the Parish Priest, Principal and parents who have uniques skills, strengths and knowledge to contribute to the school. 

If you are a current parent and you would like to join as a member of the School Advisory Council, please contact our secretary on 9807 0315.

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