Health and Physical Education

The Physical Education program at St Mary Magdalen’s School aims to provide opportunities for students to:

1. Participate in a comprehensive skill-based program to learn a variety of physical skills across multiple sports.

2. Develop a sense of a healthy lifestyle, understanding the connection between healthy eating, healthy thinking and physical fitness.

3. Explore a variety of sporting activities to discover each child's unique strengths and passions for different sports.

4. Develop and extend their understanding of teamwork to assist in developing skills of cooperation, sharing, mindfulness of others, and working together on strategies for success. These skills assist in a broad range of areas across their learning, particularly when working on team projects and when navigating friendships.

5. Promote social interaction through games to build relationships and strategic thinking skills.

The curriculum promotes the understanding of the importance of physical activity, health, safety, and relationships. All students attend Physical Education sessions once a week, taken by a specialist Physical Education teacher. Students develop skills in a variety of sports. All ability levels are engaged in diverse activities that enable each child to experience success. The program includes fundamental motor skills, ball skills, gala cricket days, athletics, hoop-time tournaments, swimming fitness, minor games and major games.



An intensive two-week program in Term four for all Prep to Year 6 students is scheduled annually at Monash Recreation Centre. In Australia, we are surrounded by beaches and often families may go to the pool or the beach on holidays. It's critical therefore that all children learn how to swim and how to be safe around water. The children are taught by qualified instructors and learn so much over two weeks. It's also important they continue to practice their swimming skills so they know how to swim as they grow into adults. Taking them to the local pool after school or in the holidays is a great way for them to continue to be familiar with the water and also to have fun.


A camp program is provided for students in Years 4 to 6.


When your child begins school, they are allocated to a sporting house for the duration of their education at St Mary Magdalen’s.
The houses are Bosco (Red), Nano Nagle (Yellow), and MacKillop (Blue). House competitions extend to Athletics events and events held in the Physical Education Program.


Children from Year 4 and above are eligible to compete at the next level of competition which involves competitive events outside of the school. Information about these programs is provided to you in advance.


Intra and Inter school sports programs are offered to students in Years 4 to 6.


Year 5 and 6 students participate in Summer and Winter Sports competitions against other local schools with winners going on to represent the District against other Districts. Sports include Athletics, Swimming, Softball, Cricket, Rounders, Volleyball, Football, Soccer, Netball and Basketball.


Visiting sports people from various sporting bodies representing AFL, soccer, hockey, cricket, athletics and tennis enrich the program for the students. These sportspeople are wonderful role models for the children to learn from and they look forward to meeting them.

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