Learning Environments

Facilities at St Mary Magdalen's reflect our educational philosophy of personalised learning. Students are assessed regularly and our programs are designed to meet students at the point of learning needs and learning capability.


Students are organised into Learning Communities: Prep and Junior, Middle and Senior. Each Learning community has a teaching team and our teachers work in partnership with the integration aides assigned to each area. Our ratio of adults to students is less than 20:1. This gives opportunity for whole group, individual and small group learning.


Our buildings are well maintained and provide an environment for the children that is safe and conducive to socialising, playing and learning. The new Bambil Street entrance provides a new, safer entrance to the school and an updated Administration Block.

We are excited that our new Junior Learning Area will offer many opportunities for children to make a great start to their learning. The new centre will include designated spaces for creativity and active learning.

This will add to our current facilities:

  • modern well equipped classrooms;
  • renovated school hall;
  • large area of synthetic grass which includes a soccer field and a volleyball court;
  • adventure playground and Adventure Net;
  • basketball / netball court and areas marked for small ball games;
  • vegetable garden with kitchen facilities for harvesting and cooking food.


We have recently made some changes in the Senior Learning Area to maximise the use of the space and use of technology for the students.


Our junior learning centre provides open spaces for learning, particularly during our investigations sessions when the students are creating, experimenting and innovating using the space and equipment around them.



The school has a strong focus on technology as an important and effective tool to support teaching and learning in the contemporary classroom. Recently we have added coding to our elearning program.

All learning areas have interactive PROMETHEAN SCREENS technology that allows students to access information and resources across the world.

Students in Prep to Year 2 have shared devices.

Our emphasis is on individualised, mobile technology and in Years 3-6 students have assigned One to One devices.



There are many different opportunities for learning at St Mary Magdalen’s. Spacious learning areas, thriving vegetable garden and outdoor spaces provide children with the freedom to create and play or take some time out for themselves. Essential skills they learn in the playground are part of their social and emotional development.

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