Learning in Faith - Religious Education

Religious Education at St Mary Magdalen’s Parish Primary School

At St. Mary Magdalen’s Parish Primary School, we acknowledge and celebrate the diverse range of faiths of families within our school community. We strive to embed our Catholic identity as a living faith community within a contemporary or modern context.

We plan learning activities according to the Catholic Education Melbourne’s Religious Education Curriculum Framework and the Religious Dimension of ‘Horizons of Hope’.

The students explore Catholic traditions in light of their own personal belief and how this can be reflected in their own actions. They discover more about their relationship with themselves, others and God.


They are encouraged to be active in social justice issues and to be responsible stewards of creation. The students develop their understanding of who Jesus Christ is, through the Gospel stories, and how he is a role model for peace, respect, equality and love.

Religious Education is not limited to formal Religion lessons. The 'Religious Dimension' is integrated or blended into other learning areas, where possible.

The principle of Non-Violence is foundational to the Christian world view. It is this principle at the centre of our Wellbeing and ReLATE learning.



Through our school’s Sacramental Program, the students and their families are prepared and supported for the Sacrament, which is celebrated within the parish community. The Sacraments occur in the following Year levels:

• Sacrament of Penance (Reconciliation) in Year 3

• Sacrament of Eucharist (Holy Communion) in Year 4

• Sacrament of Confirmation in Year 5 and 6 (every 2 years)

The students and staff have the opportunities to encounter God in their daily lives through prayer (formal and informal) and Christian meditation.


The school also works in partnership with our parish community. Each school term, children from different year levels of the school prepare the Sunday Mass. The students are also welcome to attend the weekly Friday Mass with our parishioners.

The parish and school also work closely together to organise and conduct our yearly Fete.


The school and parish come together to celebrate the Feast of St. Mary Magdalen during July each year, and the parishioners are invited to school events.