Our Learners

At St Mary Magdalen's School our learners are all the people who are part of our community. 

Our students are learning in many different ways, through instructional teaching, to facilitated teaching and self led and independent learning. Students learn how to be self motivated and self regulated while they learn on their own and in groups.

We are all learning from and with each other every day and this includes our teachers who regularly participate in meetings and professional learning to continuously improve their teaching practice.

Learning is about growth as a whole human being. As our students learn how they learn and what their learning expectations are, they are on a continuous growth path towards becoming more self managed and motivated to learn. This helps them as they move into secondary learning and beyond to take responsibility for their learning growth. 

Our families are also learning from their children as well as from other families in our thriving learning community where social gatherings and community are a large part of what makes our school so welcoming and friendly for all families.

Did you know that teachers are always learning as well and work in collaborative teams to make sure they improve their understanding of how to effectively teach each child to ensure they grow in their learning and as a whole person.

Watch the videos above to learn more about our learners in the community of St Mary Magdalen's School.

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