School Fees and Levies

General Information

St Mary Magdalen’s is a Catholic school that is part of the system of Catholic schools in the Archdiocese of Melbourne. Therefore, we are funded through government grants for 80% of our total running costs: 25% from the Victorian State Government and 55% from the Australian Federal Government. In order to make up the 20% shortfall, Catholic schools charge fees. Traditionally Catholic school fees are kept as low as possible to allow access by all families who wish to have their child educated in a faith filled environment.

At St Mary Magdalen’s we charge a FAMILY FEE to assist with running costs. We also charge LEVIES to cover the cost of stationery and other items that the students use. Levies also cover the cost of our curriculum programs.

EXAMPLES (2018):

Family Fee



Total for Prep-Year 2 students = $2130 (all inclusive)

In Years 3/4 and 5/6 students also participate in Camps which adds to the levies, therefore levies are:

Middle Learning Community: $920*

Senior Learning Community: $1060*

*These costs vary according to the costs to outside providers for services.