Staff Professional Learning


Change is certainly a process and not an event! At St Mary Magdalen’s School, change is transformative over time as we respond to the needs of our community.

In education, school staff: teachers and educational support staff continue to learn about more effective ways to help students to learn.

At St Mary Magdalen’s School we believe that teachers are more effective when they collaborate and accept collective responsibility for student progress. Students learn better when they work as individuals as well as together when they can understand their learning goals and identify how they are going to achieve them.


As we nurture open hearts and curious minds, we embed the following characteristics into our learning environments:

  • learning is life-long and life-wide (we learn from all kinds of experiences);
  • critical thinking, creativity, communication and collaboration skills are all part of day-to-day learning;
  • the learning environment is a safe place for risk-taking in learning;
  • every student needs to and can experience and celebrate their successes;
  • a growth mindset helps students to learn from mistakes;
  • being able to give and receive quality feedback is an important skill;
  • evidence provided by regular assessments enable teachers to focus on the individual learning needs of each student/ students are actively involved in knowing about their learning;
  • capabilities and talents are to be identified and fostered;
  • parents are partners in the learning relationship.

Professional Learning at St Mary Magdalen’s School recognises the need for teachers to be engaged in continuous reflective practice. That is why we have a variety of ways of professional learning but all strategies are linked to our long-term Strategic Plan and Annual Action Plans.


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