In 2019, St Mary Magdalen’s School was proud to partner with MacKillop Family Services Institute to introduce the MacKillop Education’s ReLATE - Rethinking Learning and Teaching Environments model.  

Developed by MacKillop Family Services for the Australian education context, ReLATE creates a culture of safety, inclusion and wellbeing for optimal learning across the whole school, informed by international trauma-informed education principles.



St Mary Magdalen’s School has always placed a strong focus on Student Wellbeing prior to ReLATE. We believe ReLATE will further enhance and support us to do even better in building a safe, positive school climate to support the social/emotional and academic needs of all our students, staff and the wider community.

At its core, ReLATE promotes safe relationships - not only for students, but equally for families, teachers and other staff who provide education and support services.

In such a culture, safe and supportive learning environments are maintained in classrooms where students are not just known but understood, stress is minimised and teachers are supported in their professional growth.


St Mary Magdalen's is a Catholic primary school with a focus on care of all members of the community. We are very conscious of supporting our teachers and their wellbeing so they are able to manage the challenges of teaching each day. The ReLATE program provides opportunity for supporting staff wellbeing and enabling them to share with each other, questions about their wellbeing to then impart their learning and be more self aware of managing their day while teaching children. Watch the video below to learn more about how ReLATE helps our staff to be the best they can be for your children.


St Mary Magdalen’s School provides support for young children in understanding feelings and that every person is different. The Kimochi program is an effective, evidence based program that gives children an understanding of what they are feeling and why as well as how to manage those feelings. Our wellbeing and community leader Colleen explains the program in this video.



St Mary Magdalen's School supports families who have a child who needs support with difficult challenges. Our on-site psychologist is available each week to support children adn their families. This service is free for families through a referral from their GP. Our wellbeing and community partnerships leader Colleen explains the service for our families.

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